Application Form Fee Schedule

Important note

Kindly note, all fee is NON REFUNDABLE once paid. All application needs to be uploaoded and paid online except for passport processing where cash is accepted on the date of  enrolment. Please note that no payments to be carried out for passport until your biometrics have been taken at the Fiji High Commission, Canberra.

The fees listed below do not include the Stripe Online Processing Fee, which is 2.9% + 30¢.

Application for Total Fee (AUD) Process Time (Estimate)
Passport Renewal
(Payments to be carried out in the once enrolled on appointment date)
$244 4 – 6 weeks
Replacement for Lost/Damaged Passport
(Payments to be carried out in the once enrolled on appointment date)
$387 4 – 6 weeks
Certificate of Identity $201 24-36 hours
Single Entry Visa $165 3 weeks
Multiple Entry Visa $229 3 weeks
Waiver Request $105 5 days
Expedited Waiver Request $136 24 hours
Birth Certificate after Change of Name $108
Decorated certificate of birth or marriage $140
Parental Consent Form FREE
Birth Certificate $108 3 weeks
Death Certificate $115 3 weeks
Marriage Certificate $125 3 weeks
Marriage Certificate – Tapa Design $159 3 weeks
Apostille, Facilitation Letters, Verification $105 3 weeks
Search fee (Including Issuance of letters) $104 4 weeks
Police Clearance $170 4 weeks
One-Way Travel Request $105 2 weeks
Criminal Conviction Clearance $105 2-3 weeks

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