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Renew your passport with ease by prefilling your information below and booking an appointment with one of our lovely staff members.

Passport Booking Appointments

Passport renewals in Australia can now be done from Canberra and Sydney. Please refer to Sydney Consulate General & Trade Commission website if you prefer to book with Sydney Office -

Important Notes


Steps to undertake for obtaining a renewed passport from Fiji High Commission, Canberra
Step 1  – Book an appointment with us online.
Step 2 – Ensure you have all documents highlighted under relevant checklists.
Step 3 – Need to be physically present on appointment date so that:
a.) Biometrics can be taken:
b.) Documents can be verified and uploaded with the application; and
c.) Payment to be done on the same date through online transfer or cash
Timeframe – 4 -6 weeks to get your renewed passport from Fiji
This is subject to change given (if) COVID Outbreak, passport shortage and system downtime from Fiji Immigration which can significantly delay passport processes.

Additional Important Notes

  • All appointments need to be made 72 hours before your desired date
  • You cannot lodge application on behalf of the applicant. Applicant needs to appear in person for biometric enrolment.
  • Biometric is only collected for applicants over the age of 12 years.
  • Minors under the age of 18 years needs to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • For multiple applicants, each must make separate booking.
  • Due to recent change in regulations, the name on birth certificate will need to be the same on the renewed passport. Married women can used spouse surname by presenting Marriage Certificate.  Please check prior to appointment and e-mail us for further information in this regard.
  • You must bring the required documents to your appointment. Links to required documents/checklists are provided below.
  • Collection options: pick up your passport from Fiji High Commission Canberra office, or leave us with a self-addressed AusPost Express or Registered Post envelope to return your new passport to you.
  • Processing time: 4-6 weeks. This is subject to change given (if) COVID Outbreak, passport shortage and system downtime from Fiji Immigration which can significantly delay passport processes.
  • Fee – Standard New Passport / Renewal: AUD$244
  • Fee – Replacement for Valid Lost / Stolen / Damaged Passport: AUD$387


Application for renewal of Fiji Passport

–  Application replacement of Damaged Fiji Passport

–  Application for Replacement of Lost/ Stolen Passport


Disclaimer: Please note that appointments may be cancelled or turnaround time for renewed passports can be affected  due to the following on short notice:

 – COVID 19 or similar outbreaks in the office due to any positive staff member or a visitor. This is in the best interest of the safety of all our clients.

 – System down-time from Fiji Immigration Department or enrolment kit installed at the High Commission . This is a technical issue that cannot be resolved by the Mission immediately.

– Passport shortages faced by Fiji Immigration.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

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